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STMA Online is excited to welcome you to your online learning experience.  We hope to make it as enriching as possible with excellent staff to help and support you throughout your online educational journey.


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If you log in to Edmentum and complete or make significant progress on an activity, you will be marked as “present” each day.

You should plan on completing 1-2 activities per day in order to stay on pace. You should start at the top of the Courseware list and work your way down until you have everything completed.  At the top of your course page, there is a pacing plan that tells you if you are behind, on pace, or ahead of pace.


Edmentum Help

Need help navigating Edmentum Courseware?  Check out this tutorial.


Having difficulty with PDFs?  Check this video out.


Students are expected to be competent at using the Internet including downloading and uploading files, email, and St. Michael-Albertville Google Apps for Education (Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Google Classroom, Google Meet, etc). STMA ONnline will provide an email account for student/teacher communication and students are expected to use this email account as the primary method for communication.

Wireless Internet access is necessary to attend STMA Online courses.  Please take this into consideration when enrolling.

A mobile device with a smaller screen such as a smartphone is not an acceptable online learning tool.  If you are using a personal device make sure it is a Chromebook or computer.  

If you need technical support you can reach our Helpdesk by calling 763-497-6500 X4357 during regular office hours (7:30am-3:30pm) or through email at

If you need technical support for Edmentum Courseware please contact your instructor for assistance.